Pouchkins Newborn One-Piece Ostomy Pouch – Flat Barrier

This pouching system is designed for small infants. The skin barrier and pouch are separate and need to be assembled to be used as a one-piece pouching system. The SoftFlex barrier is a standard wear skin barrier that is gentle to the skin. The pouch has a drain tap at the bottom, which is compatible with a Luer-Lock syringe, which makes emptying easier when drainage is liquid. The bottom of the pouch may be cut off and a soft wire closure can be added at the bottom.

  • SoftFlex™ 标准型底盘,平面
  • 不带胶布贴边
  • 非天然乳胶制品


订货号码 颜色 开孔 造口袋长度 包装数量
3778 透明 可裁剪 最大35毫米 16厘米 15